KRKN Error executing smart position: KRKN code: -1 message: EGeneral:Invalid arguments:volume


i set up a 5-6 step ladder limit buy (set to linear for price and size scaling) and about 3 orders in i got a failure to place the order again. i think the price was being driven down in tiny hits by a bot so when we tried to place my order back in the book. it was too small to be placed on kraken.

just my guess though. but the only thing smart about my position was i had 1 single take profit. no ladder exit just a single sale.


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Roo (@Altrady)

**It looks like the Buy entry was never placed, and no error messages**
It was half attempted on 7-10. 12-10. 20-10.
On 20-10, gets the above error, most likely because the Quantity is too small (current min is 5 ALGO, Order was for 1.1 ALGO). Possibly the minimum allowed was reduced between the order being placed and the error.

However, that doesn't explain why the order was never placed.


Roo (@Altrady)

I can take a look at this... LMK the pair etc.