One pair selected and another pair terminated ?!?


Altrady v.3.8.0

There were two positions active: 1.) BINA:ARPA/USDT and 2.) KUCN:ARPA/USDT. Both had been started by Zignali via an Altrady CDS signal. Under those circumstances the automated management of the position is done by Zignali. The KUCN:ARPA/USDT position was manually exited in Altrady, and that breaks the management by Zignaly. The KUCH:ARPA/USDT position was still shown in Zignaly although that position had physically ended. So, as usual, In Zignaly, I did select the KUCH:ARPA/USDT position for manual exit; since there are no coins anymore the Zignaly will try to execute, fail and clean up the corresponding position from the overview dashboard. But although KUCH:ARPA/USDT position was selected, it was the still existing BINA:ARPA/USDT position that was exited in Altrady instead. This is totally weird.


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Roo (@Altrady)

You'll need to raise a support ticket with Zignaly for this issue.