Trade setup - computation error


Altrady 3.8.0.
I was trying to enter a KRKN:ETH/EUR (short) trade via the (complex) Altrady trading widget GUI. Try to enter an short trade setup with X amount, e.g. 1 ETH. add SL and TP settings. then change the amount X to a lower value Y, e.g. 0,028 ETH worth 100 EUR . The SL is computed correctly but the TP is incorrect and extremely high. Moving the SL on the chart recomputes the values in the trading widget realtime and correctly. moving the TP on the chart also recomputes the values in the trading widget realtime, but the value remains extremely high and incorrect.

Meanwhile I learned that Altrady cannot do short positions on Kraken, but I guess it still holds that the computation error observed was not a "feature" to prevent entering a trade setup. ;-)


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Roo (@Altrady)

Do you mean the Expected Profit for TP1 is too high?
It does look very high :)
You can have "short positions" on Kraken but only if you already hold the coins. Not with margin.