Stop Loss snaps back to original price level when editing


The following happens when editing a stop loss order repeatedly (my use case is manually trailing a stop loss order as price moves in my favour).

1) Enter a position with added stop loss (using the new Take Profit/Stop Loss orders in 3.8.7)
2) order got filled, prices moves up after some time
3) Double-click on the stop loss order in the chart to enter edit mode, then drag order up to follow price. Placing order below price to let trade run further, while locking in profit.
4) Submit order. The Stop loss appears at the new price level.
5) Prices still continues in my favour. Time to trail the stop loss once again
6) Click again on the stop loss order to edit a second time. Upon entering edit mode, the order snaps back to the old price where it was entered for the first time. If meanwhile that price level is outside of the visible chart area, the order isn't visible at all and needs to be located by scrolling though the chart

Expected behavior: In edit mode, order will appear at the last price level it was placed at.

Sidenote: I wish orders could be edited by simply dragging the orders to a new price level, without having to double-click the order each time to enter and leave edit mode.


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Roo (@Altrady)

Fixed in V3.8.10


Roo (@Altrady)

Note. A single click is enough to edit, and to finish an edit.



normal ladder orders do this too sometimes when editing ladder orders. sometimes when i have a ladder sell order and i want to edit the single order it will snap back to the original place i dragged from.