Fix market tabs scrolling with too many open tabs


Current arrow buttons work really bad for scrolling between a huge row of tabs


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I've got an idea to help keep the tabs organised that could minimise how many tabs are in a row

Had been thinking for a while that it could be really neat to have folders above the chart tabs, that could be named and used to organise the charts by trade type. For example, name a folder QFL, and store charts with open QFL positions, or a tab named pullbacks, and store those charts.

That way, when you click on that folders tab, only the charts of that trade type show up in the row, instead of having every single open position chart to scroll through at once.

It could be neat to have the folder expandable/collapsable, similar to the way Ableton Live does grouping of tracks (check this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCEHZ8pTKc4)

I'm sure a few people here have many trades open at once, and I think this could help to keep things more organised.



great idea to group multiple market pair tabs together. please expand with common settings for said group of market/pair. So for example set indicators and timeframes for said group and all charts in that group will look common.



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