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Add trading bots that start smart positions based on signals


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The addition to add trading bots would also require carefull consideration of the following...

*Bots require a test and performance regime, or it can turn into a scammer magnet quickly !!* For consideration: Zignali learned the hard way that the feature to add bots attracts many bad actors. After some bad experiences with customers losing a lot of money they felt they had to implement a testing and performance program designed to be able to reject and/or ban bad performers. Choosing a bot for your money is not just the responsibility of the trader but also of the platform. IMHO 3 commas and cryptohopper and Zignaly are examples offering not enough public performance metrics to make a really meaningful decision to select one bot over another. They look look bleak compared to the regulated legacy world with MT5 and broker combo's; for inspiration look at Darwinex.

*Ultra High availability is required for bots to perform.* Altrady woud compete with other platforms offering a reimbursement scheme when the bot of a signal provider cannot perform due to platform crashes / overloads. Choosing a platform for your bot development is not just the responsibility of the developer but also of the platform. Example = Zignaly who (felt they had to) spend most of their 2020 income to compensate bots misperformance due to Zignaly service outages during the April and May chrashes...

What is the Altrady position on a test and performance regime and a reimbursement fund?

Note: I do not have any stake in Zignaly nor Darwinex.



if it is possible to avoid pairs at an ATH level



Trailing up and down like Bitsgap's Sbot
no minimum grids in a gridbot

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When implementing DCA it would be nice to group DCA bots. This makes it possible to use the CBS signal for every single bot with each a different algoritm (aggressive/moderate/defensive mode). Within that group you should have the option limit the position per market pair. When for example a signal comes for ETH/USDT I don't want to enter that trade in the second bot or third bot. This is something i miss in 3C.
Also usefull to set a blacklist in that group. Thanks.



DCA bots like 3Commas is essential with start condition for different algorithms.Having filters like success rate, closing time etc would be awesome for the signals which are used to start the bots.On top of that, I would love to see the option to manually put SO at different intervals and different volumes which is not always possible with a ladder or 3Commas bot. Finally, the option to take profit at multiple tp’s with different volumes would also be nice. The tp’s should be based on total volume and not on base order.

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Can't wait for DCA bots! Would like to suggest that besides the normal % dev on SOs, you give us SO templates also, this would mean we could set up 30 SOs with a template and apply it to any bot we start. It also means that the SOs could start out at 5 SOs at every 2% and then we could do the next 10 at every 4%, or how ever we wanted.

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I see you're working on the grid bot functionality. Awesome! Next up (no brainer): QFL bot. Because you already have extensive QFL support built in 👍 yes?

GRID bot | QFL bot | DCA bot = 🏆

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Roo (@Altrady)

That sounds like CBS :)



I would love to have trading bots that are able to interact with a multitude of different exchanges all at once.


Andre P

i'd love to have a CBS bot that works on more exchanges that zignaly supports and with the full support for the signal (unlike 3c). Look forward to this feature.



Please have a look at Pionex. Their interface speed and the ease of use and set up for their bots are exceptional. As is their mobile app. Seriously. Bitsgap is smart and has a newly added great analysis (which is crucial for bots performance assessment) Please don't look and try to find inspiration at 3commas. My wrist hurts from the insane amount of clicking it takes to get bots started on there. the interface is beyond sluggish and bizarre to say the least. As 'neat' as it might look at first sight.

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I like to see a regular DCA bot, for me it's not really needed to be based on CBS signals. And a grindbot would be nice also. For me this will make Altrady the only have to use platform for me. No Zignaly and 3commas anymore. Great work.

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Voting for launching of a grid bot and base-break bot (QFL style). Grid bot should allow custom buy/sell amounts to allow some coins to accumulate a handful with every trade to keep for selling at later pumps (i.e. buy 501, sell 500 every cycle). Base break bot to pick a base, set buys and sells at intervals down and up (ex base at 100 sats, buys at 90, 80, 70, 50 and sell 20% at 60, 30% at 75, 30% at 85, 15% at 95 and 5% at 105) - this is basically an automation of existing ladder orders, they just activate once a base is broken. They have to be linked together so that the buys trigger enough coins for the sells to be placed later.

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I would just love to be able to automate buying Altrady base signals directly from the interface, with the ability of customising for the order to trigger for certain signals pair only and not other or certain exchange and not others. it would be lovely



I would suggest that Alttrady should focus on two things DCA bots and grid bots. I believe this will push Alttrady among the highest trading platforms. DCA bots in three commas are not good anymore as it does not fire orders as it should but the interface of the DCA bots settings is so easy to adopt. We have another successful model in grid bot. I can share it in private with Benoist

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I'm really looking forward to this feature. The bots that are compatible with the signal are not good....I would rather pay a better altrady subscription for and have this feature in-house.

I wish the bot could :
-have Zignaly functionality: set TP, DCA level, blacklist....
-open deals for all 4 signals
-If it opens a second deal for the same corner (because a second base is broken), that there is only one position

Thanks for your work

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