Exclusion filter Base Scanner Notification Rules


Adding exclusion filter for Base Scanner Notification Rules to fight false positives

E.g. excluding Binance Leveraged Tokens BLVT's from the ETF spot market, these cannot be filtered out unless you exclude all USDT pairs. It prevents us from waking up at night from alerts of these false positives


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Would you like to exclude them only from Base Scanner notifications or globally? We have this ticket, we can probably use it for picking if you want to blacklist it everywhere, or just for Base Scanner



If it does the same trick globally then that’s just fine. So you might as wel delete this ticket:)
That's interesting. When I open your update link via my mobile, I didn't see your response. I thought you deleted it. Now I happen to look through my web browser and see your comment. Not really useful from Upvoty.com. This way you miss feedback because you are not informed via the website whether an update is ready for you.
How Ironic, now we have to make a ticket for Upvoty