Automate trading based on Quick Scan signal


Request to create an opportunity to automate trading based on Quick Scan signals.
For example:
I have a preset ready which I implement in a few seconds when a Quick Scan signal appears but I have to wait for the signal all the time and react in a few seconds (this is my strategy). So automating this process would be incredibly helpful. I hope you guys will lean in and review my request. Regards


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I have read your proposal with interest about automating trading based on Quick Scan signals. I would like to point out a feature that I previously proposed, which I believe closely aligns with what you are looking for.

This feature includes automatically adjusting Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) orders based on the execution price of market orders. This would not only provide a more accurate control over trading but also improve the overall trading experience on Altrady by aligning it closer with the realities of market volatility and execution dynamics.

It's important to mention that the foundation of Altrady's scanner is inspired by Quickfingers Luc's (QFL) strategy. However, Altrady is not suitable for scalping and was never designed for this purpose. The Quick Scanner, although an interesting feature, may not fully realize its potential due to the limitations within Altrady.

It seems that for the realization of your idea about automating trading based on Quick Scan signals, the function I proposed could be crucial. It would lay the groundwork for a more effective implementation of your strategy by providing a mechanism that accurately responds to market movements.

However, given the nature and limitations of Altrady, if everyone starts trading automatically based on Quick Scan signals at the same time, it could pose a heavy load on the system.

Moreover, it is also worth considering that implementing the automation you propose, or what we have suggested, might not align well with Altrady's own revenue model. The platform's business strategies and income sources are likely structured around current functionalities and user interactions, which could be significantly impacted by widespread automation.

Therefore, while your request for automation could be a valuable addition, it's essential to consider the technical capabilities of the platform and the intended use scenarios of the Quick Scan function. It's important that we remain realistic about what is achievable within the current framework of Altrady and how it aligns with the platform's business model.