Disable SL Cooldown after reaching TP


It would be helpful to automaticly disable SL Cooldown after reaching specified target and protection kicks in (SL being moved by system).


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Interesting! Do you want to only disable cooldown, or Stop Loss completely?



Let's run it with example:

Given i have this situation.
- current BTC market price 35000
- i have buy limits set for 32000 and 30000
- i have SL set to 29000
- i have TP1 35000, TP2 36000 etc.

Price drops down and fill up my limits, but continue going down below my SL for short period of time because of liquidity grab, that why i would use SL cooldown to protect against it. (current functionality)

Due to filled up entries i end up with average entry price of 31000.

Price pulls back and hits my TP1, where i close 25% of position and move SL to break even. That's where we disable cooldown on SL, to prevent from profitable position turn into loosing one.

If i don't have access to altrady i might run into situation that where i secured profits, price continue to drops down and close significant level below my SL, but if i had already cooldown disabled after securing profits, no matter what happens position is gonna end up in profit.

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this is a good idea!