Dust management and ghost positions


Currently, Altrady has an extremely annoying issue, at least for spot trading.

Every time that a position is closed at the market if any dust is left (coins with a value below $5), which happens often, the position will still appear among the open positions, which is extremely confusing.

On top of this, when we again try to mark these positions as closed (which should have happened automatically since we used a market order), Altrady will not allow us to do this, since these positions are now only dust and below the nominal $5 value.

Finally, is not even possible to convert the dust to BNB directly from the Altrady platform, which means that every single time the user needs to log into their Binance account to complete this task.

Altrady should make sure that when a position is sold at the market it actually gets closed and doesn't show up among the open positions anymore, while also providing a way to facilitate dust conversion from within the platform.