Dynamic SL/TP Adjustment for Market Orders


Introduce a feature that automatically adjusts SL and TP orders based on the execution price of market orders. This dynamic adjustment would ensure that SL and TP percentages are recalibrated to reflect the actual entry point of the trade, thus enhancing the accuracy of risk management and profit-taking strategies.

This functionality would not only provide traders with a more precise control over their trades but also enhance the overall trading experience on Altrady by aligning it closer with the realities of market volatility and execution dynamics.

I believe this improvement could be a significant value addition to Altrady's trading platform, catering to the needs of active traders seeking to optimize their trading strategies in real-time market conditions.


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This is very onpoint. It must be implemented since it's kind of anti-market order the way it is right now. I mean the main function of market order is to enter at whatever price the pair is at the moment we enter the trade, but in altrady when you do this, the market order doesnt change according to the current price as it moves, and therefore the SL and TP orders also don't move since they're '% away' from entry.

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