Order screen bigger


During trading you like ot have overview of the orders placed but there is a small screen available where you can scroll to the order. I like to have the ability to press a window button to extend this order screen.


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You can create a Flexible Layout to suit yourself.
1. From the Layouts dropdown list, choose Switch to Flexible
2. You can then choose any one of the Layout templates as a starting point
3. Widget can be resized by dragging the triangle in the bottom right corner.
4. Widgets can be moved by dragging the top left corner (3 lines)
5. Widgets can be combined together or separated, by dragging the widget name to a new position. More details here: support.altrady.com/en/article/how-to-organize-the-widgets-of-altrady-epahvu/
6. Changes can be saved (in a Layout), or reverted