Please redo wins/losses in Trading Analytics.


adding the ability to do swing trades to our win/loss would be amazing! :)

i dont like considering every trade i dont close in a day as a loss. because sometimes the trade takes longer than a day to finish in profit :(

if there is a way to account for swing trades in some manner can we have that?


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Same here. using Altrady for swingtrading. Thanks for adding this here. now I understand why my analytics are so messy :-)



lol, same here



i think this is the same thing i'm looking for which is just a real time profil/loss on my open trades. as a long swing trader it's just something that is very useful to have accessible.


Mike M

agreed. Trading Analytics is unfortunately useless to me in it's current form. it says i have Losses when i don't. like OP above, i swing trade and it's not unusual to close a deal after multiple days.

a Loss trade shouldn't be based on a 24 hour time period. it should be based on Trading Pairs and a Loss should involve a deal closed for less money than was spent, including fees.

right now it is Trading Analytics for Day Traders. there needs to be another version for Swing Traders that doesn't use time as a metric.